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Our latest Sustainability Report is now online!

Our latest Sustainability Report is now online!

We are proud to announce that our latest Sustainability Report is now online. The report is written at a group level and is therefore presented by our parent company ITP Group. This report provides interesting readings about our many ethical trade activities.

Sustainability and ethical trade are made our long-term strategic focus areas at ITP Group. Therefore, the report also evaluates whether the many activities in 2022 meet our goals for the year – and furthermore, new goals for the coming years are presented.

A special thank you to our many hard-working colleagues that have contributed to this report and worked hard to make us reach our goals.

Keep you further updated with ITP Group’s ethical trade activities on this page.

Being a Norwegian company of our size means that we also need to follow the Norwegian Transparency Act. Therefore, you will also find a Norwegian report covering our sustainability due diligence on the ITP Group website.

Meet Amanda – Head of Compliance


Amanda’s impressive 14-year journey at Nordic Bath began as a Production Assistant in China. Her expertise in sourcing and quality control led her to become the head of Compliance at Nordic Bath after many years of hard work.

As the Head of Compliance, Amanda is responsible for ensuring that all of our products meet our ethical standards and comply with the necessary rules and regulations for selling bathroom fixtures and other items in Europe and the rest of the world. Amanda’s experience in the Sourcing Department, as well as her dedication and enthusiasm, make her the perfect fit for this role and to oversee Nordic Bath’s commitment to delivering high-quality products to our customers.

Thank you for your contributions, Amanda!

Nordic Bath in Installatø


How do you retain your employees? That’s the question our CEO at Nordic Bath, John Aamodt, has attempted to answer in Installatø Here, he explains how recognition can be a key factor in retaining employees within the company.

The reality is that a record number of people changed jobs when the demand for labor peaked in 2022. Fortunately, our parent organization @ITP Group is experiencing a completely different trend, with an average employment period of 7.5 years.

Meet Hank – Technical Product Director


This week we want you to meet our colleague Hank, and we have a special reason for this. Hank has been with us since April 2009, which means that Hank is currently celebrating his 14th anniversary!

Hank is our Technical Product Director at Nordic Bath, and is responsible for our products and their technical properties. Throughout the years, Hank has built up a great deal of knowledge about the design and production of products, and he is particularly good at sharing his knowledge with his colleagues here at Nordic Bath. This comes as no surprise, however, because when we asked Hank what he likes most about his job, he replied that it’s collaborating with his colleagues. Moreover, Hank thinks that at Nordic Bath we are good at living out our values of transparency and diversity, and he feels that these values are also reflected to a large extent in the collaboration with his colleagues.

In his free time, Hank likes to play badminton and swim, and also loves to travel with his family and friends.

Congratulations on 14 years with the company, Hank!



At Nordic Bath, we prioritize responsible business practices. As a subsidiary of ITP Group, we align our CSR activities with the group’s overarching strategy. This includes annual reporting on our due diligence activities to ensure that we operate with transparency and accountability. 

We take pride in continuously conducting risk analyses to identify how our business practices impact our surroundings. This information helps us set goals for improving our purchasing practices, strengthening our supplier partnerships, and providing internal training to our employees on responsible and sustainable development practices. 

To learn more about our work with Sustainability Due Diligence, we invite you to visit our parent company’s website at Here, you can find detailed information on our approach and progress towards achieving our sustainability goals. 


As a strategic partner between retail and production in Asia and Europe, it is our foremost responsibility at Nordic Bath to promote responsible business practices through respectful dialogue. To ensure this, we continually train our customer-facing employees on responsible purchasing practices and other relevant CSR topics. This helps us to engage in a professionally founded dialogue with our customers about the principles of ethical trading. 

To facilitate successful communication with our partner factories, we have established a common service platform within our group. This means that our employed engineers, product developers, and inspectors work from our on-site offices in production countries, such as China. By having competent employees who can communicate in local languages and navigate cultural differences, we strive to foster a positive, mutual dialogue with our partner factories. This ensures that any potential language barriers or cultural differences do not hinder our efforts to promote responsible business practices and achieve a sustainable development. 


At Nordic Bath, many of our activities are managed through ITP Group’s service platform. We work closely with several international ITP offices to ensure productive management of all links in our customers’ supply chains. Over the past 25 years, our parent company, ITP Group, has been dedicated to promoting Scandinavian business culture throughout all its offices. As a result, we have a healthy corporate culture, with high employee seniority and a diverse workforce.

This photo is taken right beore the COVID-19 pandemic, where all ITP employees from Denmark, Norway and China united to celebrate ITP Group’s 20-year anniversary.


As a member of Ethical Trade Norway and Ethical Trade Denmark, our parent company ensures that we receive expert guidance and advice on our CSR activities and our ongoing due diligence efforts. Our operations in Norway also require us to comply with the Transparency Act, which we diligently follow. 

On ITP Group’s website, you can learn more about our sustainability initiatives, including specific examples of Sustainable Supplier Development activities related to our Nordic Bath partner factories. In addition to our focus on open communication and dialogue, our inspectors regularly conduct audits at our partner factories. These audits are based on our Supplier Code of Conduct, which incorporates the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, ILO conventions, and applicable legislation. Any deficiencies identified during these audits are recorded in our internal database, and we work closely with our partners to develop and implement effective action plans to address them. 


Meet one of the driving forces behind Nordic Bath!

Jane works as a product and project manager and is based at our office in Shanghai. Jane started with us back in 2019, and over time has been given more and greater areas of responsibility.

Today, among other things, Jane is responsible for the development of new products, setting quality standards and requirements, order handling, and after-sales. Everyday life as a product manager involves many trips and visits to our various partner factories, and it is this part of the job that Jane really likes.

When Jane is not working to streamline the many processes at Nordic Bath, she loves to spend her free time traveling and reading books.

We are happy to have a passionate employee like Jane on our team.



At Nordic Bath we continuously try to reduce our CO2 footprint during transport. Transport is an important intermediate link between sales and production, which is why we at Nordic Bath want to use our experience to lessen this footprint.

It is for this reason that Nordic Bath, for example, avoids empty runs and adheres to a “fill-your-container-policy”, which can only succeed with good communication and teamwork between different partners in the value chain. Furthermore, Nordic Bath also prioritizes that products are transported to the nearest port of loading, even though a port father away may be cheaper.

We make an effort to take responsibility where we can make a difference – and continuous planning and dialogue with partners in the value chain is something we are good at.

Learn more about our sustainability strategy on the Group page here 👇


Meet our CEO: John

John Aamodt has been the CEO of ITP Group International since 2008, and CEO of Nordic Bath since acquiring the company in 2018.

Our company headquarters is located in Denmark but we also have offices in Norway, Sweden, China, Vietnam, USA, and Canada. In other words, John travels a lot. Throughout the year, John continuously visits our different locations with the goal of constantly developing the business units, and at the same time ensuring that the ITP strategy is continuously implemented.

We’ve asked John to answer what he believes makes Nordic Bath special. When asked this question John can speak for hours, but we’ve managed to keep it short. According to John,

“As a Scandinavian bath-partner, we offer a strategic partnership to our customers – either through our own brand or through private label. We are a complete supplier and a one-stop-shop within bathroom solutions for plumbing merchants and other companies within retail trade. We put our customers in the unique situation where we can develop and design a completely exclusive bathroom product series, so that there will not be direct competition with their competitors.”

In his free time, our CEO is a busy man. John lives together with his wife, and has 3 adult sons. Throughout the years, John has completed 8 Ironman’s, and over 20 biking competitions and marathons (we’ve lost count). Copenhagen Marathon was the last race that John attended. He’s planning on doing this again next year.


Help customers design their own bathroom.

We find that when it comes to bathrooms, there are a lot of different decisions, product categories, and product types that need to be taken into account. We have, therefore, decided to have a strong focus on how we can make the purchasing process as easy as possible for end customers.

We have developed a configuration where the end customer can interchange bathroom products and furniture. This helps the end customer gather a visual picture of their future bathroom and how this might look in real life. This visualization can also help stores, as the configuration can be used instead of storefront displays or if the store just wants to enable an all-around better purchasing experience for its customers.

You can explore and try the Norwegian version of our configuration “Build your bath” with Duxa products here: Byg ditt bad