Meet one of the driving forces behind Nordic Bath!

Jane works as a product and project manager and is based at our office in Shanghai. Jane started with us back in 2019, and over time has been given more and greater areas of responsibility.

Today, among other things, Jane is responsible for the development of new products, setting quality standards and requirements, order handling, and after-sales. Everyday life as a product manager involves many trips and visits to our various partner factories, and it is this part of the job that Jane really likes.

When Jane is not working to streamline the many processes at Nordic Bath, she loves to spend her free time traveling and reading books.

We are happy to have a passionate employee like Jane on our team.



At Nordic Bath we continuously try to reduce our CO2 footprint during transport. Transport is an important intermediate link between sales and production, which is why we at Nordic Bath want to use our experience to lessen this footprint.

It is for this reason that Nordic Bath, for example, avoids empty runs and adheres to a “fill-your-container-policy”, which can only succeed with good communication and teamwork between different partners in the value chain. Furthermore, Nordic Bath also prioritizes that products are transported to the nearest port of loading, even though a port father away may be cheaper.

We make an effort to take responsibility where we can make a difference – and continuous planning and dialogue with partners in the value chain is something we are good at.

Learn more about our sustainability strategy on the Group page here 👇

Bathroom furniture suppliers and manufacturers

Bathroom furniture suppliers and manufacturers

Nordic Bath is a bathroom furniture supplier and we practice a close connection to our manufacturers. This ensures quality control of the products that you buy for largescale resale.

We aspire to become the preferred 360-degree partner for all bathroom solutions and to make customized concepts in close cooperation with our customers. We, therefore, offer the full supply chain: product development, go-to-market elements, brand development, online shop, and everything in between. This process goes hand-in-hand with our close setup of bathroom furniture manufacturers and suppliers.

We are here to assist you if you operate in the competitive sales field of business-to-business bathroom supplies with products such as cabinets, mirrors, showers, and more.

Make sure to ensure the correct quality when buying in bulk

Commercial bathroom vanity unit suppliers may be found all over the world in countries such as China, India and Brazil.

These suppliers and manufacturers of bathroom furniture may ship their products to their customers without having had any quality assurance done in the process.

Nordic Bath is your supplier of goods and services. We ensure the best quality of the agreed furniture, showers, mirrors, faucets, shower sets and mixers, basins or toilets. We are your partner regarding quality and supply of the whole process of buying new products for B2B sale.

Do reach out and contact Nordic Bath and learn more about the quality and competitive prices of our bathroom furniture, and how we may cooperate with you.

Types of commercial bathroom vanity units

Our bathroom vanity units for commercial sale are available in a wide range of styles and finishes.

These products are designed to meet the demands of commercial use, while maintaining the quality and style expected by customers.

Commercial bathroom vanity unit suppliers are the best option for creating a luxurious and sleek bathroom selection to choose from. They offer a wide range of colour, material, and design options.

The most popular types of commercial bathroom vanity units are vanities with sinks, vanities without sinks, and cabinets with sinks. They come in a variety of sizes to suit any space or budget.

Whether the end-consumers are looking at a bathroom renovation or just a simple update, one of our high-quality vanity units will look great in any setting. The units are made from durable, scratch-resistant material and come with matching cabinets for whatever your needs may be.

Feel free to contact Nordic Bath and learn more about how we may cooperate with you.


Meet our CEO: John

John Aamodt has been the CEO of ITP Group International since 2008, and CEO of Nordic Bath since acquiring the company in 2018.

Our company headquarters is located in Denmark but we also have offices in Norway, Sweden, China, Vietnam, USA, and Canada. In other words, John travels a lot. Throughout the year, John continuously visits our different locations with the goal of constantly developing the business units, and at the same time ensuring that the ITP strategy is continuously implemented.

We’ve asked John to answer what he believes makes Nordic Bath special. When asked this question John can speak for hours, but we’ve managed to keep it short. According to John,

“As a Scandinavian bath-partner, we offer a strategic partnership to our customers – either through our own brand or through private label. We are a complete supplier and a one-stop-shop within bathroom solutions for plumbing merchants and other companies within retail trade. We put our customers in the unique situation where we can develop and design a completely exclusive bathroom product series, so that there will not be direct competition with their competitors.”

In his free time, our CEO is a busy man. John lives together with his wife, and has 3 adult sons. Throughout the years, John has completed 8 Ironman’s, and over 20 biking competitions and marathons (we’ve lost count). Copenhagen Marathon was the last race that John attended. He’s planning on doing this again next year.


Help customers design their own bathroom.

We find that when it comes to bathrooms, there are a lot of different decisions, product categories, and product types that need to be taken into account. We have, therefore, decided to have a strong focus on how we can make the purchasing process as easy as possible for end customers.

We have developed a configuration where the end customer can interchange bathroom products and furniture. This helps the end customer gather a visual picture of their future bathroom and how this might look in real life. This visualization can also help stores, as the configuration can be used instead of storefront displays or if the store just wants to enable an all-around better purchasing experience for its customers.

You can explore and try the Norwegian version of our configuration “Build your bath” with Duxa products here: Byg ditt bad


We develop both single products and complete bathroom series.

Does your organization dream of having its own bathroom series or products, but are you lacking the right partner for the project?

Nordic Bath helps the retail market, specialized retail chains, builders merchants, and plumbers merchants through the whole process with a complete solution.

We develop everything from single products to whole bathroom series. We are with you from the beginning through basis product designing and ideas, all the way through to packaging and sales in stores. We also help with product development, design, and logistics.

At Nordic Bath, we can also help with branding and marketing. For example, packaging design, catalogues, digital strategies, social media, and general corporate branding. We call this “the complete solution”.

Can we help you? Please do not hesitate to contact us!


Nordic Bath in the magasine: “PUFF”!

A big thank you to ODGARD A/S for mentioning us in Puff! The article focuses on the fact that Nordic Bath will make it easier for builders merchants and other stores to get their own bathroom series.

We are ready for the Danish market with both our brand Duxa and private-labels, so that companies in Denmark can start their bathroom journey in collaboration with us.


Did you get a chance to read the article about us on installatø

As our CEO, John Aamodt, says, “Our vision is to be the preferred 360 degrees business partner within bath solutions and to create customized bathroom concepts in close collaboration with our customers. We hope that with time, we can become Scandinavia’s largest supplier of bathroom inventory for the retail market.”

In the article on Installatø, John gives insight regarding our unique concept. A concept that makes it possible for companies within the retail industry to have a brand, department, or selection of bathroom interiors.


We make it easy to assemble our products.

We want a partnership with Nordic Bath to be easy. We, therefore, constantly think in solutions that make it easier for the end customer to assemble and use our products. This also makes it easier for merchants and other stores to sell our products.

With our new 3D assembly videos, we show how to assemble our products step-by-step. We want to make it easy to assemble products at home, whether it be shower cabinets or furniture.


Have you met Victoria – our client coordinator?

To make it easier for retailers and specialized retail chains within plumbing to create their own bathroom universe, we hired a young but experienced customer coordinator back in January – Victoria Eriksen. Despite her mere 23 years, Victoria has an in-depth knowledge of the industry with her four years of experience as a leader in a construction market.

Do you want to know more about how we can help you develop an entire bathroom series, a specially developed bathroom furniture or a classic sink in your own brand? You are always welcome write to Victoria at

You can also read more about Victoria and her new role on the Licitationen’s website (in Danish).