Meet Hank - Technical Product Director - White & private label - NordicBath


This week we want you to meet our colleague Hank, and we have a special reason for this. Hank has been with us since April 2009, which means that Hank is currently celebrating his 14th anniversary!

Hank is our Technical Product Director at Nordic Bath, and is responsible for our products and their technical properties. Throughout the years, Hank has built up a great deal of knowledge about the design and production of products, and he is particularly good at sharing his knowledge with his colleagues here at Nordic Bath. This comes as no surprise, however, because when we asked Hank what he likes most about his job, he replied that it’s collaborating with his colleagues. Moreover, Hank thinks that at Nordic Bath we are good at living out our values of transparency and diversity, and he feels that these values are also reflected to a large extent in the collaboration with his colleagues.

In his free time, Hank likes to play badminton and swim, and also loves to travel with his family and friends.

Congratulations on 14 years with the company, Hank!