MEET OUR CEO: JOHN - White & private label - NordicBath

Meet our CEO: John

John Aamodt has been the CEO of ITP Group International since 2008, and CEO of Nordic Bath since acquiring the company in 2018.

Our company headquarters is located in Denmark but we also have offices in Norway, Sweden, China, Vietnam, USA, and Canada. In other words, John travels a lot. Throughout the year, John continuously visits our different locations with the goal of constantly developing the business units, and at the same time ensuring that the ITP strategy is continuously implemented.

We’ve asked John to answer what he believes makes Nordic Bath special. When asked this question John can speak for hours, but we’ve managed to keep it short. According to John,

“As a Scandinavian bath-partner, we offer a strategic partnership to our customers – either through our own brand or through private label. We are a complete supplier and a one-stop-shop within bathroom solutions for plumbing merchants and other companies within retail trade. We put our customers in the unique situation where we can develop and design a completely exclusive bathroom product series, so that there will not be direct competition with their competitors.”

In his free time, our CEO is a busy man. John lives together with his wife, and has 3 adult sons. Throughout the years, John has completed 8 Ironman’s, and over 20 biking competitions and marathons (we’ve lost count). Copenhagen Marathon was the last race that John attended. He’s planning on doing this again next year.