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Meet Amanda – Head of Compliance

Amanda’s impressive 14-year journey at Nordic Bath began as a Production Assistant in China. Her expertise in sourcing and quality control led her to become the head of Compliance at Nordic Bath after many years of hard work.

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At Nordic Bath, we prioritize responsible business practices. As a subsidiary of ITP Group, we align our CSR activities with the group’s overarching strategy. This includes annual reporting on our due diligence activities to ensure that we operate with transparency and accountability. 

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Nordic Bath: Your source for high-quality private and white label cabinets

In the world of bathroom design and furniture, Nordic Bath stands out as a premier supplier of white label and private label bathroom furniture. If you’re in the market for flexible and high-quality cabinets, we have the solutions you need. Our focus is on providing exceptional products, and we take pride in our close connections with manufacturers, making us a reliable partner for your business.

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