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Square or circle

Mirrors are not only magical in fairy tales; in fact, they can perform miracles in a bathroom design. Mirrors help your clients to create the illusion of better space and light to the room and plays a pivotal part of your clients’ daily routines. Mirrors come in many shapes and with different functionalities. Starting from yours or your clients’ needs, we aim to assist you in finding the perfect solution. Our experience with private-label and white-label manufacturing and supply chain management enable us to offer everything from plain mirrors over LED mirrors with touch buttons to roomy mirror cabinets with storage possibilities. Together we decide the design and shape of the mirror.

Our mirrors include light/electrical components that are marked in accordance with official and market requirements.

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Nordic Bath is a business to business (b2b) private label and white label bathroom good supplier. Through our connections to manufacturers, we provide private label brands, products, and private label furniture of high quality. Finally, our experience with supply chain management enables us to supply almost all products, as we have numerous contacts such as manufactures, suppliers and brands.