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Nordic Bath has built the brand “Duxa“, which is currently sold in more than 120 Coop stores, Coop Obs Bygg and Coop Byggmix in Norway.

In just a few years, Duxa has grown to become one of the largest DIY brands within bathroom inventory in Norway. This includes shower cabinets, toilets, faucets, bathroom furniture, mirrors, accessories, and more!

Duxa is a one-stop-shop for the end-user as it offers the whole range of bathroom inventories needed. Nordic Bath has established the brand and strengthened its brand value through a focus on the corporate visual identity.

We have devoted considerable amounts of energy on product packaging to ensure a unification in the visual presentation, as well as the best quality of materials in both brown boxes and colour boxes. Packaging is one of our core priorities so that the products are attractively presented in stores, but also robust for storage stock – ultimately giving a desired experience for the end customer.

We have, likewise, supported end customers in handling their bathroom inventories at home with 3D instruction videos and easily read installation guidelines. We have also put a great effort into an inspiring product catalogue.

It is important for Nordic Bath that the products are shown in a way that makes it easy for the end customer to visualize and imagine the inherent possibilities. We have, therefore, developed a configurator called, “Build your bath”, where you, using Duxa products, can play with the visual appearance of your bathroom and see how it would appear in a more realistic setting. This makes it possible for you to design your own bathroom, and this visualization tool is also a very qualified solution for stores with limited exhibition areas.

Nordic Bath is also experienced in assisting with education and training of sales staff to support the sales process of Duxa products.

We have developed and built Duxa’s website in such way that it can easily be converted into a webshop.

At Nordic Bath we also manage the general branding, communication and marketing of Duxa. This includes content for social media and advertising. In Norway, we collaborate with Coop in terms of advertisements of Duxa in their sales material, advertising circular, TV, and additional sales channels. We organize our marketing activities based on Coop’s own marketing plans to achieve a synergy effect.

Your retail shop, specialized retail chain or sanitation wholesale co-operative has the possibility of becoming the exclusive dealer of Duxa in Denmark, Sweden or Finland. You can read more about this in The Complete Solution or contact us directly. You may also take a look at our commercial vanity solutions for bathrooms.

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